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Tony went above and beyond to make sure my BMW was fixed properly and no faster ways were taken. He had the vehicle all set when guaranteed however asked if he could keep it an additional day to go over the bumper one last time.
He went over my options, and informed me exactly what was the best course of action for every part of my automobile. I've chosen to go with them to get my vehicle paint touched up and have actually imperfections fixed. My automobile was towed to the shop and Tony took care of the rest.
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We service and specialize in all import and domestic model automobiles, trucks, and SUV vehicles for body shop repair work. We likewise provide specific service in the body care and crash repair of leading high-end and exotic brands, consisting of:

Collision Center Toyota

I need to say, their work is excellent. I got rear ended, and i had a rental lorry. I didn't get regular updates like everybody else, however i didn't really care since i had a rental automobile to take a trip in. As long as they finished the repairs in less than 30 days, im excellent. The service was great each time i spoke to either Tony or Mark. I had previous damage to my rear bumper, scratches in other areas, and Caliber specified if i was going to desire them to repair those other areas, i would have to pay of pocket, which sounded ludicrous to me since they were going to repaint an area anyways. Over here, they just changed the entire bumper, not just oem aftermarket, however a brand name brand-new bumper from Toyota. If you do not have a rental automobile or an alternative lorry, you may not want to choose this location, due to the fact that most insurance provider take a while for the field adjuster to get here. I will definitely be coming back if i ever enter into another mishap.

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU TO TONY!!! I discovered Autobahn here on Yelp and I truthfully couldn't be happier with them. TONY is the guy! he took such excellent care of my cars and truck. I was in an accident in my brand brand-new 2016 CLA250 and he put it back together fresh. When I bought it, it's running and looking just as it did. His client service is remarkable, he exceeded and beyond. I can not thank him and his personnel enough. I intend to not see them soon but they will forever be a place I will extremely advise.

Collision Center Ford

The very first step to getting your automobile back in best condition is to call us! Our team of service technicians will examine the level of the repairs and offer a complimentary rates quote. You can set up an appointment by calling us at 713-597-6355 or using our online reservation if you are ready to begin your repairs. We anticipate helping you with your automobile repair work requires!

I had a great deal of high hopes coming here after I got rear ended bc of the high evaluations, consisting of a 5 star review from my IRL friend; unfortunately, I just didn't get the same fantastic service, updates, and incredible results that everybody else appeared to obtain. If I were to simply examine the consumer service of Tony and Camille (sp?), let me be clear that, it would be 5 stars-- they were really friendly on the phone and personally-- however exactly what mattered most to me-- routine updates and excellent quality work-- did not take place. I came in for a quote, was informed the repair work would take 3-4 days. There was some concern from the very start bc insurance coverage mentioned somebody from their workplace attempted to call me and left a message, I had actually gotten no message. I lastly brought my cars and truck into be fixed on Halloween and Camille informed me that he would not have the ability to provide me a precise projected time of repair work up until they looked better at my vehicle, reasonable. My buddy's review stated she received regular updates-- I received none. So I dropped my car off on Monday 10/31/16 and the entire week, nothing. I lastly telephoned to them the following Monday 11/7/16 and a male got the phone, I requested Tony, he said Tony was finishing up with a client and would call me back. I waited an hour with no call back and finally emailed him. Tony did call me back and explained that they had actually been calling with updates, however to a 562 number. I have actually never ever gone into or wrote down a 562 number in any documents, so I don't understand how that happened, however I was less disappointed when I discovered out that they had actually been calling me, but to the wrong number. Tony told me my car would be all set Thursday which he would call me Wednesday for a choice up time. When again, I did not receive that follow up call on Wednesday. I reached out once again and called on Thursday morning at 8am and it sounded like the same male from the previous call picked up and informed me Tony wasn't in. I asked if he might simply examine the status of my vehicle and to see when I 'd be able to select it up. I presumed he might just walk outside or examine a computer system file or something-- he told me he 'd call me back.?! I didn't receive a call back, so I needed to recall yet once again and in a couple minutes he tells me "oh, Tony left a note here to call you at 10am to let you know you can get your automobile between 4-5pm today." I wonder why it took 2 minutes to examine this time, but I needed to get recalled last time. Anyhow, at this point I'm pretty upset and simply can not wait to have whatever done and over with. I inform him I'll be in to get the automobile soon after 4:30 pm and he said that sounds excellent. This exercised for me bc I had a supper at 5:30 pm that night. I get to the shop at around 4:45 pm and tell whoever the person in front is (I didn't see Tony or Camille) that I'm here to select up my vehicle. He goes to check on it and states, "it'll be performed in half an hour." Half an hour?! Yes. I end up waiting until about 5:45 pm-- late for my supper plans, btw-- bc the car is being washed/detailed. At this moment, Tony is here and is suuuuper good-- talking, providing drinks/coffee, but even that could not make up for the wait. It's dark outside and I lastly get my automobile-- Tony is nowhere to be discovered, so they have Camille reveal me the vehicle. My bumper (the part that required to be repaired) was fixed and I was itching to obtain from there. I sign some documents-- there's some more waiting bc of confusion about how the payment was going to be made (the other insurance was expected to pay) and I'm finally from there. From exactly what I could see then and there, my car was really clean-- they were really sweet to even get the little trash I have in my cars and truck and put a replacement bag in it. I was quite happy with the work. The genuine factor for the two stars aside from no callbacks and the unbearable wait was the status of my vehicle when I actually took a look at it in daylight. In the dark, it looked fine. It wasn't up until I went to my trunk in sunshine and I observed what appeared like dried glue? It wasn't there before I brought it in. I attempted to scratch it off, however it won't even scratch off, it's simply stuck there. I have no idea exactly what it is, however it's ugly. My partner keeps telling me to take the cars and truck back in, but I just do not wish to deal w/ this any longer. Super disappointed. Keep in mind: it's conveniently situated actually right next door to a Enterprise for your rental automobile needs.

Crash Center

At John Eagle Collision and Body Shop Repair you can anticipate getting the finest experience and professional service. Our facilities are producer certified and have factory-trained professionals to repair your lorry. This guarantees that you get the finest job possible which your guarantee stays undamaged. Why take a risk with other automobile body shops that are not accredited?

Because of a hit and run, regretfully I had to go back to this shop... however Thank God for Tony and his crew! Made my bad experience go method smoother! They did it again, 5 star service and work. Method to go! Thanks for everything!

Accident Center Reviews

I've been doing business with this look for over 4 years now, and walk away each time completely satisfied, whenever. They do great work here, and nobody would ever discover the intensity of the damages my cars have actually been through because of the terrific work done here. Shoutout to Tony and the staff, I would not trust my car anywhere else.

Autobahn Collision Center

This service is expertly run. They take care of a range of vehicles at 2 areas with great service. Tony looked after my child and dealt with all the billing needs in communicating with the accountable party so I didn't have to stress over anything. And, not only was my bumper and hood changed and painted precisely to match the rest of my vehicle, they detailed it. They in fact cleaned my car better than the $30 service I generally do each month. Thanks for the excellent and prompt service!

My vehicle was pulled to the shop and Tony took care read more of the rest. I finally brought my automobile in to be fixed on Halloween and Camille told me that have a peek at this web-site he would not be able to offer me an accurate projected time of more info repair work till they looked closer at my automobile, easy to understand. Tony told me my vehicle would be all set Thursday and that he would call me Wednesday for a pick up time. It's dark outside and I finally get my cars and truck-- Tony is nowhere to be found, so they have Camille reveal me the cars and truck. From what I could see then and there, my automobile was really clean-- they were very sweet to even take out the little garbage I have in my cars and truck and put a replacement bag in it.

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